How to Reduce Electricity Consumption at Home

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How to Reduce Electricity Consumption at HomeHow to reduce electricity consumption at home” is a common question among many electricity users. In most homes nowadays, electricity bills make the largest part of the monthly bills. So, when it comes to electricity consumption at our homes, you have to be real careful to avoid consuming so much on useless purposes. Considering the current rise of power, the bills are likely to rise as time passes. Baring in mind what horrible effects the traditional means of power like oil, coal etc. cause to our beautiful environment , you will be in a position to realize the importance of reducing the power consumption. This article will offer useful and applicable guidelines on ways to reduce electricity consumption.

  • Proper usage of appliances is a perfect way to reduce the electricity consumption. Electrical home appliances like washing machines, televisions, air conditioners, fans, computers and geyser are not to be left running when not in use. You should know when to turn each of the named appliances on and when to switch it off. By doing this, it will not only pull down the electricity bills but also extend the life span of the appliances. The charging unit of a cellphone is something that many people leave without switching off. Studies have shown that leaving the charging unit on even without the cellphone connected to it, still draws current. Lighting bulbs should also be lit when it is really necessary. If you will be out of the room for over ten minutes, you should definitely switch off any bulbs until you get back. You may also decide not to light any bulbs during the day. Instead of lighting the bulbs, open up the curtains and use the natural light instead.

  • Replacing incandescent lighting bulbs with new fluorescent bulbs will play a major role in reducing the electricity consumption. Fluorescent bulbs have a longer life span, use less energy to burn and burn brighter than the standard bulbs. The fluorescent bulbs may be a little expensive than the standard bulbs, but the results are tremendous. You should also consider buying rechargeable lights. One amazing thing about the rechargeable light is that they use less energy and can store energy for ages.
  • Replace old electrical appliances with new energy efficient ones. Those electrical appliances holding an Energy Star Label perform seventy five (75) percent more efficiently than old appliances manufactured years back. Some electric companies are known to give discounts to their customers on electricity bills for just using gadgets that require less electrical energy to perform.
  • Installing timers in the bathrooms will certainly give you an answer to the question: How to reduce electricity consumption at home. Most of us forget to turn off the exhaust fan for hours. By installing a timer, the fan will automatically switch off. This way you will not be worried of forgetting the fan running.How to Decrease Electricity Consumption at Home
  • Replace your current thermostat with a digital thermostat that can be programmed.
  • This will allow the air conditioner not to turn on when you are not present in the house.

The above tips have been proven to deliver perfect results when it comes to the question “how to reduce electricity consumption at home“. If you want to get more information from an expert about how to reduce electricity at home, please click here.

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